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Harken Red Ratchet Blocks


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    Product Description

    Shop Harken Red Ratchet Blocks at Mauri Pro Sailing Store your most reliable sailboat hardware retailer. Harken's Red Ratchet blocks are at the intersection of technology and fun. The sheaves of these special-edition blocks are anodized an eye-catching red. They will bring color and style to your deck, while providing the fast trim/release and superior holding power Harken ratchets are known for.

    Harken Red Ratchets are being offered in 57 mm sizes and include Carbo Ratchamatic and switchable ratchet blocks. Some features of these incredible blocks are the following:

    • Load-sensing Ratchamatic blocks roll freely under low loads
    • Pressure on the line engages the ratchet mechanism which shifts seamlessly from free-running to ratchet mode
    • Ratchamatics are available in T2 soft-attach or shackle versions
    • Switchable ratchets provide precise control with an easy-to-operate on/off switch accessible from both sides of the block

    For further questions, please don't hesitate on contacting us. Our specialists are happy to provide all the information you might need to select the proper Harken Red Ratchets to win your sailing races.

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