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Spinlock XCS Rope Clutches


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    Product Description

    SPINLOCK XCS Powerclutch Rope Clutches - Overview

    Spinlock XCS Rope Clutches offer a range of exceptional quality finishes to match your deck or rig. Choose XCS clutches when the mounting location requires extra durability such as mast mounting, when matching surface finishes for aesthetics with other clutches and jammers such as XX or ZS or when constant high load handle release will occur. The two versions of this clutch offer a wide line diameter range, 6 - 10 mm and 8 - 14 mm. The safe working load at the max line diameter goes up to 1200 kg (2640 lbs).

    - Aluminum sides for sustained high load operation
    - Large rope diameter, low load versions also available
    - Handle label set supplied

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