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Zhik Foul Weather Gear

Jackets combine waterproofness and breathability for protection against the elements. The shell technologies include Isotak for the highest level of waterproof durability on the market, while Aroshell outperforms the industry standard two times over in waterproof durability and breathability.

    Category Description

    Zhik Foul Weather Gear ensures sailors with comfort, flexibility, and durability without compromising quality or mobility. Zhik sailing gear specialists are constantly improving their developments to provide better technological gear. Designed to be breathable yet water repellant with material that will protect you from the harshest conditions, Zhik Foul Weather Gear helps you stand up to your toughest challenges. Sail with confidence and leave the competition in your wake.

    MAURI PRO Sailing is fully committed to ensuring extreme sailors with the appropriate gear to take on any challenge by providing the Zhik Foul Weather Gear selection. For further questions please contact our technical support team, we are ready to help.

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