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Andersen Service Kit 5 for 56 Standard Winches

Andersen Service Kit 5 for 56 Standard Winches

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    Product Description

    Andersen Compact Motor Below Deck Electric Self-Tailing Winch Guide

    Andersen 34ST 24V Winch Guide

    Technical Information

    Product Description

    Service Kits from ANDERSEN Winches© are a must for optimal maintenance of ANDERSEN Winches, as they include crucial spare parts.

    Cleaning and greasing every 2 years is also necessary for extending the lifetime of your gear.

    Use with:
    56 winches.

    Note: Variations can occur due to changes of the winch specifications.

    Part Number: 710005

    Description Quantity Part No.
    Pawl 4 533400
    Spring 8 533500
    Pawl 4 713200
    Arm Spring 8 713300
    Ball Stainless Steel 4 724900
    Locking Pin 1 725402
    Circlip 1 712800
    Circlip Ø28X1.5 1 DIN471-A2-A-A28
    Circlip 1 725600

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