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Antal Track Bending Service

Antal Track Bending Service

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    Product Description


    Ordering Information:

    To order curved track, please specify the following information:

    - Boat model
    - Track part number
    - Bend part number
    - Chord length
    - Chord depth or radius (horizontal)
    - Chord depth or radius (vertical)
    - Bend type

    About Antal Track Bends

    Minor bends can often be made when the track is installed. If the track requires more bend, Antal can provide horizontal or vertical bends to specification for a modest charge. Tracks are often bent to follow the cabin house curve or boom radius. Sometimes track is bent vertically, ends up, to relieve tension on the sail's leech as the traveler car moves off the boat's centerline.

    Bend Types:

    Vertical Bend: Ends Down
    This bend is used for mainsheet travelers mounted over the cabin house. The curve matches the crown of the cabin house and allows the track to clear the companionway hatch, but minimizes the height of the track risers.

    Vertical Bend: Ends Up
    Some boats use this bend to relieve leech tension when the traveler car moves off centerline. Ends-up bends are also used for staysails. Tracks angled forward to face the clew of the sail mount on risers.

    Horizontal Bend
    Horizontal bends allow the traveler to follow the radius of the boom as it swings across the boat. The track stays flat and the ends curve to the boat's bow or stern. Sometimes horizontal bends are used for boom vangs and occasionally for staysails, especially those with booms.

    To perform smoothly and carry the correct load, the traveler car's length must suit the track radius.
    Part Number: ANTBEND

    Technical Information


    Part No Watts Voltage Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3 Load Limit Weight
    W663ELV 1500 12/24 23m/min
    (29/32 in/min)
    (31/64 in/min)
    (5/32 in/min)
    (5732 lb)
    (106.70 lb)
    W703ELV 1500 12/24 23m/min
    (29/32 in/min)
    (23/64 in/min)
    (9/64 in/min)
    (6393 lb)
    (118.16 lb)

    Part Number: W703ELV

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