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Antal Snatch Block 120 mm w/ Wichard Snap Shackle

Antal Snatch Block 120 mm w/ Wichard Snap Shackle

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    Product Description


    The  Antal 120mm Snatch Block with Snap Shackle   features high strength resin sheaves, hard anodized alloy cheekplates and high strength stainless steel structural pins that engage automatically to prevent the block from opening accidentally.
    Part Number: 908125SN

    Technical Information

    Product Description

    Snatch Block Sheave Dia. 90mm Max. Line Dia. 16mm. The cheekplate revolves around the sheave axle allowing the block to open; a safety pin, which engages automatically on closing, stops the block from opening accidentally. The block can be attached with webbing or better still with a fine highly resistant line made of material such as Kevlar or Spectra.

    High-strength resin (HRM) is used for sheaves, cheekplates are hard anodized alloy, structural pins are high-strength stainless steel (17-4-PH).

    Part Number: 908.125/SN

    Imperial Metric
    D Dia. 4 7/10" 120 mm
    Line Dia. 4/5" 20 mm
    Safe Working Load 9921 lb 4500 kg
    Weight 30.43 oz 900 g

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