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Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 16 to 20 ft.

Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 16 to 20 ft.

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Product Details

    Technical Description

    The Boomkicker model K0312 works basically the same as the larger models, but instead of attaching directly to the boom, a webbing sling, suspended between the two spring rods, supports the boom.

    Designed for smaller daysailers, these Boomkickers are easy to install with no drilling or tapping required. All parts fit in the luff groove of the mast. For trailering, the design makes rigging and de-rigging a snap, simply remove the boom and fold the Boomkicker up against the mast for storage.

    The sling, because it does not attach directly to the boom, allows these models to work with the simplest of goosenecks. Even if the boom just slides onto a pin at the gooseneck, or can roll, the Boomkicker can not push the boom back or restrict it from rolling around its central axis to follow the sail.

    Part Number: K0500


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