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Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 34 to 38 ft.

Boomkicker w/fittings - Sailboats 34 to 38 ft.

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Product Details

    Product Description

    Boomkicker's Boom Track Fittings are an alternative way for attaching the boom to provide extended travel and more adjustment. The new custom extrusions simplifies the design and lowers the price.

    Easier setup and adjustment - The new fitting consists of 2 parts, the track and slider attached to the Boomkicker. The track, designed for flat or round bottom booms, uses 3 screws, the same as the standard fitting. The slider is free to move, with the stop set by a clevis pin through the track. 3 positions for the stop are provided. With the added range and adjustment, setting the boom height for installation is less critical. To adjust the height later whether it's for a change in setup, a different mainsail, a bimini, or just to clear heads is done by moving the stop pin. More stop positions can be added if needed. Adjustment does not affect downward travel which is handled by the flexing spring rods.

    Lots more upward travel - When straight the Boomkicker is at the top of it's travel. At that point, the boom should be at it's highest operating position. Although the standard boom fitting allows some further upward travel of the boom, with the new fitting, the sky's the limit. This is great for racers during accidental roundups or cruisers who forget to set the vang when sailing downwind in heavy air.
    Product No. Use For Boomicker Model Boat Length Std. Track Length
    B0790R K0750 25ft 9"/23cm
    B1090R K1000 30ft 11"/28cm
    B1590R K1500 38ft 12"/30.5

    Technical Information

    Product Details

    Boomkicker K1500: Includes mast fitting with round luff groove slide, Boomkicker with 3/4" diameter spring rods, boom fitting track assembly and fastener pack with screws, drill, tap and hex wrench.

    Fits Boats:
    34' to 38'
    Imperial Metric
    Initial Pin to Pin 53" 134.6 cm
    Minimum Pin to Pin 49" 124.5 cm
    Maximum Force * 600 lb 272 kg
    Maximum Stroke 1 16" 40.6 cm
    Maximum Stroke 2 ** 9" 22.8 cm
    * At Maximum Pin to Pin Length.
    1 Maximum stroke at initial Pin to Pin.
    2 Maximum stroke at min. Pin to Pin.
    ** Stroke is travel when flexed. 1" of stroke equates to approximately 7" at the aft end of the boom.

    Boomkickers use two coated solid fiberglass spring rods to provide the force necessary to support the boom and mainsail.

    The rods are clamped into teflon anodized aluminum end pieces and attached to universal mast and boom fittings. Fittings are included along with machine screw fasteners, the proper drill and tap and hex wrench. The mast fitting includes a round slide which, used in the luff groove, avoids drilling into the mast.

    Flat slides in varying widths are available from the factory. The slides can often be inserted at the sail opening above the gooseneck and slid down reassembling the fitting in position. If slides are not usable, the fitting can be attached directly to the mast using the same drill and tap provided for the boom.

    The custom extruded boom track is contoured to fit both round and flat bottom booms. The track has an adjustable clevis pin to set the maximum height the Boomkicker will lift the boom. The track length forward of the pin allows the boom to move higher if needed.

    Part Number: K01500

    Selection Guide

    Compare Chart

    Boat LOA
    Pin to Pin
    Pin to Pin
    Initial / Minimum
    K0312 14 - 16' 30" 25" 75 lbs. 11" - 6"
    K0400 16 - 19' 34" 26" 150 lbs. 11" - 6"
    K0500 16 - 20' 36" 26" 150 lbs. 11" - 6"
    K0750 20 - 25' 36" 31" 250 lbs. 11" - 6"
    K0800 25 - 27' 45" 35" 300 lbs. 15" - 6"
    K1000 27 - 30' 45" 41" 400 lbs. 15" - 6"
    K1250 30 - 34' 53" 43" 500 lbs. 16" - 9"
    K1500 34 - 38' 53" 49" 600 lbs. 16" - 9"
    * At Maximum Pin to Pin Length.
    1 Maximum stroke at initial Pin to Pin.
    2 Maximum stroke at min. Pin to Pin. ** Stroke is travel when flexed.
    1" of stroke equates to approximately 7" at the aft end of the boom.


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