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Equiplite Non Swivelling Quick Connector 9/16 in. High Load

Equiplite Non Swivelling Quick Connector 9/16 in. High Load

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Product Details

    Technical Description

    Product Description

    These patd. soft connectors use DSK 75 loops to take the connection load. Making them approx. 80% to 90% lighter for the same load compared to traditional stainless fittings. They are used on top competitive boats, for all types of connections such as sheets, halyards, runners etc.

    • Approx. 80% to 90% weight saving, compared to stainless.
    • Safer, light weight reduces risk of injury when flogging.
    • Easy and quick to attach and detach, even with cold & wet hands.
    • Reduced damage to masts, spinnaker tracks, topsides etc.
    • Will not jam even if overloaded, will operate up to break load.
    • Do not have a self tightening or jamming action as "dog bone" types.
    • More compact, lighter and easier to operate compared to "dog bone" types.
    • Will not fatigue and fail prematurely compared to stainless.
    • Easily replaceable loops, strips and covers.

    NS Connectors are used on cruising and top competitive boats for:
    Genoa sheets.
    Genakker sheets-Guys.
    Stay sails sheets.
    Outhall system.
    Mast top connector.

    And their flexibility makes them particularly good for the most difficult use for:
    Main Halyard 1:1

    Part Number: 14-8 NS

    Imperial Metric
    Max Line 9/16" 14 mm
    Throat 2.8" 70 mm
    Safe Working Load 14000 lb 6500 kg
    Weight 2.4 oz 72 g

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