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Equiplite Swivelling Quick Connector 7/8 in.

Equiplite Swivelling Quick Connector 7/8 in.

* Special Order:
This item requires 3-4 weeks for delivery.

* Special Order:
This item requires 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Product Details

    Technical Description

    Product Description

    Weight at the mast top is one of the biggest drawbacks to Yacht performance. Equiplite patd. swivel quick connectors using DSK 75 loops, to take the load, are designed for halyard use. DSK 75 is the most UV tolerant of the super braids. Being approx. 80% lighter for the same load compared to traditional stainless fittings they are being used on top competitive boats, are quick and easy to use and do not jam of fatigue, even under extreme loads. They employ hi. Load Polymer swivels for easy rotation.

    • Approx 80% weight saving, compared to stainless.
    • Safer, light weight reduces risk of injury when flogging.
    • Easy and quick to attach and detach, even with cold & wet hands.
    • Reduced damage to masts, spinnaker tracks, etc.
    • Will not jam even if overloaded, will operate up to break load.
    • Will not fatigue and fail prematurely compared to stainless.
    • Easily replaceable loops, strips and covers.

    Swivel quick connectors are used on cruising and top competitive boats for:
    Mast top halyards Jib.
    Staysail halyards.
    Tack fittings.
    Genakker sheets.

    Part Number: 22-12S-SL

    Imperial Metric
    Max Line 7/8" 22 mm
    Throat 2.4" 60 mm
    Safe Working Load 33000 lb 15000 kg
    Weight 24.6 oz 699 g

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