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CDI Flexible Furler FF9.0 (Maximum Headstay Length 53 ft. BB included)

CDI Flexible Furler FF9.0 (Maximum Headstay Length 53 ft. BB included)

Code: CDIFF9
Price: $1,599.00


Product Description

Often, the simplest product is the best product. The Flexible Furler has one-eighth the number of parts of competitive systems and is the easiest to install, operate and maintain. Plus, the Flexible Furler is backed by an unequaled warranty. This luff extrusion is as stiff in torsion as a metal system, and yet can bend without kinking, unlike metal systems. There are no joints to fail and it is designed to be winched. Eliminating troublesome halyard swivels and halyard wrap, maximizing reliability whether offshore or close to home.

CDI's durable one-piece urethane furling drum and stainless steel drum cover keeps the furling line in place. You can accidentally drop your anchor onto the Flexible Furler drum and expect it to keep working. Designed to be installed over your existing stay, cutting in half the installation time. Because of the built-in halyard, our rugged bearings see only a fraction of the load carried by other systems. Smaller Flexible Furlers typically use a one-piece solid plastic bearing, though some sailors prefer ball bearings as a convenience option (like having power steering in a small car).

The FF9.0 come with ball bearings standard. We use ½" Torlon balls which roll over dirt easier and need less maintenance than the ¼" balls you find in less rugged systems. CDI's recommend that you rinse your bearing with a hose every 5 years (a 5 minute procedure).

Part Number: FF9.0

Imperial Metric
Max Stay Length 53' 16.1 m
Max Wire Size 5/16" 8 mm
Max Pin Size 5/8" 16 mm
Luff Dimensions 1.2 x 2.2" 30.5 mm x 56 mm
Drum Dimensions 6.5" 165 mm


Furler Model Max Stay Length Max Wire Size Max Pin Size Luff Dimensions Drum Diameter
FF1 21'

1/8" 1/4" 0.5x1.3" 3.5"
FF2 29' 3/16" 5/16" 0.6x1.4" 4.0"
FF4 33' 7/32" 3/8" 0.9x1.8" 5.8"
FF6 39' 7/32" 3/8" 0.9x1.8" 5.8"
FF7.0 47' 1/4" 1/2" 0.9x1.8" 6.5"
FF9.0 53' 5/16" 5/8" 1.2x2.2" 6.5"

If you are unsure of your head stay length, see our rig dimension page and find your I dimension. Multiply the I dimension of your boat by 1.08 to approximate the headstay length.

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