Forespar Offshore Spinnaker Pole 3.0 in UTS-300-UTR

Forespar Offshore Spinnaker Pole 3.0 in UTS-300-UTR

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Forespar® offers a complete and diversified line of spinnaker poles. They manufacture eight complete end styles from which we create a multitude of combinations to fit the needs of all sailors - racers or cruiser.

Forespar® offers "customized" poles built to specific dimensions, and also "kit" poles in which both ends are left loose to allow the marine dealer or yachtsman to finish the pole himself. End fittings and tubing are available separately for those who wish to assemble poles to their own specifications.

The "kit" lengths are the maximum Forespar recommend for each tubing diameter. However, oversized poles are available.

Part Number: 304115

Imperial Metric
Model UTS-300-UTR UTS-300-UTR
Description ULTRA Socket Inboard/ULTRA Trigger Outboard
Kit Length (with ends) 13.5' -
Shipping Weight 18 lb -