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Garhauer Single FootBlock - 8 3/4 in. long

Garhauer Single FootBlock - 8 3/4 in. long

Price: $205.36


Product Description

All blocks, as every Garhauer part, come with Garhauer's 10 year unconditional guarantee.

Stainless Steel Foot Blocks, designed for the true off shore sailor looking for the ultimate in rugged dependability, these blocks are constructed of polished stainless steel cheeks and load straps making them an excellent choice for installation at the masthead or other hard to service areas. These blocks improve the appearance of any boat.

Part Number: FB-05SB

Imperial Metric
Bolt diameter 1/2" -
Height 1 7/16" -
Lenght 8 3/4" -
Width 4 1/8" -
Weight 5 lb 8 oz -

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