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Harken 4 in. Halyard Sheave

Harken 4 in. Halyard Sheave

Code: HAR692
Price: $294.99


Narrow high-load sheaves in mastheads improve sail handling, speed sail changes, and allow the use of smaller, lighter halyard winches. Sheaves combine sideload-carrying balls with a PTFE composite bushing for radial loads.

Tech Specs
Imperial Metric
Sheave Ø 4 in 102 mm
Width 3/4 in 19 mm
Weight 8 oz 227 g
Center pin Ø 1/2 in 12.7 mm
Maximum line Ø 7/16 in 12 mm
Maximum wire Ø 5/16 in 8 mm
Maximum working load 8250 lb 3742 kg
Breaking load 16500 lb 7484 kg

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