Harken 2 in. Wire Sheave

Harken 2 in. Wire Sheave

Product Details


    Self-contained sheaves are designed for sailors to use in custom applications.

    The Micro, Bullet and Big Bullet sheaves are Delrin® with Delrin® ball bearings. They are scored for rope. 16 mm AirBlock® sheaves are Delrin® and feature stainless ball bearings that ride in a grooved race. Midrange sheaves come in either Delrin® or aluminum for wire.

    Wire sheaves ride on high-load composite bearings. They are Hardkote-anodized aluminum with Teflon® impregnation.

    Ball bearings in the 11/2 in (38 mm) and 2 in (51 mm) sheaves minimize friction. The 1 in (25 mm) wire sheave uses low-friction washers for this purpose.

    Use Cruising ESP sheaves to handle high static loads from halyards and reef lines. Sheaves are carbon-black Delrin® for UV protection and turn on stainless steel spacers. Contained sideload ball bearings allow sheaves to spin freely when loads are released. Sheaves require a sideplate for the sideload balls to roll on.

    Use for:
    Custom applications.

    Part Number: 311

    Tech Info

    Imperial Metric
    Sheave Dia. 2" 51 mm
    Width 13/32" 10 mm
    Weight 1.5 oz 43 gr
    Line 1/4" 6 mm
    Max Wire Dia. 3/16" 5 mm
    Center Pin Dia. 5/16" 8.10 mm
    Maximum Working Load 2000 lbs 907 kg