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Harken Winch: Self-Tailing Size B40 - All Bronze Two Speed

Harken Winch: Self-Tailing Size B40 - All Bronze Two Speed

List: $2,478.00
Price: $1,734.60


Product Description

Self-tailing winches are ideal for sheets, halyards, and control lines on racing and cruising boats. The self-tailing mechanism means that one crew member can quickly and easily trim or raise sails.

Winches are two-speed self-tailing winches. Two-speed winches enable quick grinding in first gear out of a tack or jibe. When the sheet loads up, the reverse direction gives more power in second gear.

All have Harken's "super holding" jaws and one-piece sculpted line guide and peeler.

Use with:
Halyards, sheets and control lines.

Part Number: B40.2ST

Imperial Metric
Min Line Dia. 5/16" 8 mm
Max Line Dia. 1/2" 12 mm
Line Entry Height (LE) 2 3/4" 70 mm
Fastener Circle 4 7/16" 112 mm
Fasteners (SH or HH) 5 x 1/4" 5 x 6
Weight 15 lbs 6.8 kg

Gear Ratio 1 Gear Ratio 2 Power Ratio1 Power Ratio 2
2:1 6:1 13.4:1 40.1:1

Harken Winches
Drum 3" 76 mm
Base Dia. 6" 152 mm
Height 6 15/16" 176 mm
LE 2 3/4" 70 mm

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