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Harken Winch: Self-Tailing Size B53 - All Bronze Two Speed

Harken Winch: Self-Tailing Size B53 - All Bronze Two Speed

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    Product Description

    Technical Information

    Product Description

    Self-tailing winches are ideal for sheets, halyards, and control lines on racing and cruising boats. The self-tailing mechanism means that one crew member can quickly and easily trim or raise sails.

    Winches are two-speed self-tailing winches. Two-speed winches enable quick grinding in first gear out of a tack or jibe. When the sheet loads up, the reverse direction gives more power in second gear.

    Winches up to the 53 have composite fiber-filled self-tailing jaws that have a gentle angle and tooth design for easy entry and "super holding" with or without load. Larger winches have aluminum jaws. Four springs ensure that jaws open evenly so line is easy to insert.

    Use with:
    Halyards, sheets and control lines.

    Part Number: B53.2ST

    Imperial Metric
    Min Line Dia. 5/16" 8 mm
    Max Line Dia. 9/16" 14 mm
    Line Entry Height (LE) 4 3/16" 105 mm
    Fastener Circle 7 1/16" 180 mm
    Fasteners (SH or HH) 6 x 5/16" 6 x 8
    Weight 39 lbs 17.7 kg

    Gear Ratio 1 Gear Ratio 2 Power Ratio1 Power Ratio 2
    3.1:1 12:1 14:1 53:1

    Harken Winches
    Drum 4 7/16" 112 mm
    Base Dia. 8 11/16" 221 mm
    Height 9 11/16" 245 mm
    LE 4 3/16" 105 mm

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