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Harken Women's HydroFlux Shoes (Green/Carbon- Size 5.5)

Harken Women's HydroFlux Shoes (Green/Carbon- Size 5.5)

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    Product Description

    Harken deck shoes are designed for the stickiest grip on wet and dry surfaces. Instead of bidirectional tread, they feature radial traction zones-tread patterns that center on the high pressure zones of the sole-to maximize grip in 360 degrees on both level and inclined surfaces. A special rubber additive alllows for a longer-lasting sole with the same powerful grip of a very soft sole. One-way drainage holes channel water away from your foot while a silver-woven footbed kills odor-causing bacteria. Weight: 38.56 ounces


    •Rubber sole
    •EVA midsole
    •Synthetic quick-dry upper

    Harken's One-Way Drainage System:

    Harken vortex sole A full-length 9-point drainage system drains water away from the foot through a series of internal channels in the sole. Our one-way system prevents water and debris from reentering the shoe through the drainage ports.

    Harken's Radial Traction Zones:

    The full 360-degree pattern of siping allows siping flexion of the sole in all directions. This pattern is placed under the 3 main pressure zones of your foot to give each area independent traction. Used in combination with a special rubber compound, traction is greatly increased.


    Siping is the process of cutting or molding small slits or grooves into the shoe sole. The sipes spread on contact with the deck, expelling water for superior traction. Escape channels push water out through the exit rim of the sole, providing additional drainage. As opposed to linear sipe patterns, our radial siping grips in all directions.

    Antibacterial Silver-Woven Footbed:

    Silver's inherent properties neutralize odor causing bacteria. Unlike spray-on finishes that wash away, silver threads woven into the insole reduce odor for the lifetime of your shoe.

    •Independent radial traction zones for 360-degree grip
    •Silver-woven footbed kills odor-causing bacteria for lifetime of shoe
    •Flatter and wider sole prevents ankle rolls while increasing surface contact for better grip
    •Lace protector keeps shoes tied and prevents snagging
    •One-way sole holes channel water away from the foot
    •Molded heel cup reduces fatigue and absorbs impact
    •Active arch support aligns knees and reduces strain on plantar fascia
    •EVA midsole provides shock absorption, neutral pronation, and all-day comfort

    EVA midsole provides shock absorption, neutral pronation, and all-day comfort.

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