Karver KF2 Hook

Karver KF2 Hook

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    Karver KFH2 Halyard Lock

    Halyard stretch is a major factor in the loss of performance in upwind sails.

    The KFH Series halyard lock eliminates stretch and creep, ensuring your halyard is at perfect hoist every time and also reduces mast compression. It combines a lock and a swivel to be used with a furling drum. Once locked, the halyard is not tensioned anymore. The compression in the mast is halved and halyard is minimised.

    The luff is tensioned from the bottom of the drum with a block, eliminating the need for a 2:1 halyard set up. It is also possible to use a smaller and lighter halyard as it only carries the weight of the sail.

    Once unlocked, only the lightest part of the mechanism remains on the top of the mast, the furling-lock is on deck leaving no moving parts aloft, making it easy to service.

    Only one line required as the halyard hoists, engages the releases the lock with mechanical simplicity.

    Tech Info

    Karver KFH Halyard Lock
    Model Reference Working Load (Ton) Weight (Gram) Control Halyard Max Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
    KFH1 PF550020 1 180 5 100
    KFH2 PF480020 2,5 450 7 141
    KFH5 PF470020 5 920 7 141
    KFH8 PF410020 8 833 8 155
    KFH12 PF400020 12 2200 10 212