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Lewmar Flush Hatch 2G Size 10 Dark Grey Acrylic

Lewmar Flush Hatch 2G Size 10 Dark Grey Acrylic

Code: LEW39910812
Price: $339.40


Standard Color Specifications:
•Grey acrylic, white lower frame

Mounting Instructions:
•Fit to a flat surface with a maximum tolerance of +/- 1mm. Fastening size at hinge section use (M6/ 1/4"). Fastening size for lower frame use 5mm CSK screw No. 10 UNC 2 BA
•All sizes suitable for CE Area 2 (Deck, Coachroof, Cockpit and Transom).

Deck Design:
•The flush hatch requires a special recess to be designed into the deck to receive the hatch. If the recess is not the correct shape the hatch will not be flush and may not open or close. The details for the recess are contained in the drawings on this page.

•Opening on the flush hatch is restricted to around 90 degrees. The hatch is only supplied with Stay(s), Friction Lever, or Friction Hinges.

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