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Lewmar V2 Windlass Gypsy only w/ FastFit 12V (003)

Lewmar V2 Windlass Gypsy only w/ FastFit 12V (003)

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Product Details

    Product Description


    The Lewmar V2 Windlass Gypsy only w/ FastFit 12V Kit (003) contains the components for the V1/V2/V3 Vertical Windlasses.

    The V1/V2/V3 vertical windlasses feature a cone clutch for smooth, easy control and a relaible worm gearbox. All kits feature the FastFit motor gearboxes.

    FastFit™ motor gearbox attachement enable the windlass to be fitted by one man alone. While the gearbox alignment to the deck unit is critical to a standard installation, the FastFit™ clamping system perfectly align the deck unit and motorgearbox for a
    Product Features:
    • Deck Unit (68000828)
    • Motor Gearbox (68000813)
    • Gypsy (68000363)
    • Circuit Breaker (68000349)
    • Rocker Switch
    • Contactor
    Part Number: 6672011110-138

    Technical Information

    Product Description

    Kit includes: Windlass, rocker switch, circuit breaker, contactor and winch handle.

    The V-Sport range offers all the performance of the V-range at a cost saving. The new composite housing contains strong load bearing elements, so that it can be used as an alternative to the Stainless Steel unit.

    • Rope-chain gypsy.
    • Manual chain release (Free Fall).
    • Cone clutch for smooth, easy control.
    • Optional manual override motor gearbox.
    • W.A.R.P Drum.
    • Fall safe anchor lock.
    • Robust/reliable worm gearbox.
    • FastFit™ equipped for quicker installation and less hassle.
    • Emergency recovery kit available.
    • IP68 kits available.
    • For Boats up to 14m (48 ft).

    Part Number: 6672011110-138

    Model Motor
    Power Watts
    Current Draw
    V2 700W 80A 90A 1433 lb 650 kg

    Line Speed
    Normal Line
    App. Weight
    Gypsy Only
    App. Weight
    69 ft/min 21 m/min 358 lb 163 kg 46 ft 14 m 42 lb 19 kg - -

    Gypsy Specifications
    Gypsy Number Chain Description Rope Description
    003 10mm ISO, Campbell 3/8" S3,
    Lewmar 9.5 mm G40*
    5/8" 16 mm
    3-strand and 8-plait
    * G40 = Grade 40 Short Link Chain.
    Cable Sizes*
    Voltage Length of Cable Run Switch Wiring Current rating for
    switch wire
    0’- 23’ / 0 -7 m 23’- 50’ / 7 - 15 m
    12V 6 AWG / 10 mm² 4 AWG / 25 mm² 16 AWG / 1.5 mm² 5A
    * Cable sizes are recommendations only.

    Lewmar Windlass

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