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NKE NMEA Input Interface Topline

NKE NMEA Input Interface Topline

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    Technical Information

    The NMEA input interface allows the connection to the Topline bus of any instrument fitted with an NMEA 0183 output (GPS, PC, etc.). It is a one-way communication gateway, which converts the NMEA data transmitted by the instrument, into Topline channels. These can then be used on the instruments of your Topline installation : display, driver, calculator.

    The NMEA input interface allows the connection of one single instrument that delivers NMEA frames. If you wish to connect a second instrument, you can connect it either to the NMEA input of a TOPLINE multifunction system, or to a second NMEA input interface. Please note that an NMEA frame transmitted by an instrument (GPS, PC, etc.) cannot replace a channel already created by a Topline instrument of your installation.

    The NMEA frames identified by the NMEA input interface comply with the NMEA 0183 V2.30 standard (or previous version).

    Channels NMEA Input creates
    Compass and Fast Compass
    Hour and Date
    Trip log and Total log
    Air Temperature and Sea Temperature
    Atmospheric pressure
    Boat Speed
    Apparent Wind Speed, Apparent Wind Angle and Apparent Wind Angle fast
    Forestay Tension
    Distance to WP and Heading to WP
    Cross track error
    SOG and COG
    Origin/destination heading
    Pilot status
    Target speed
    Heading on next tack
    Optimum Wind Angle, % on tack, % on reaching
    Angle to optimise CMG and Angle to optimise VMG
    Gain to optimise CMG and Gain to optimise VMG
    Tide Direction
    Tide speed.
    Quick Specs

    280 g (cable included)
    Power supply
    10 to 16VDC
    Power consumption
    Connection cable
    5 meter length
    Operating temperature
    -10C to +50C
    Storage temperature
    -20C to +60C
    Waterproof Rating

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