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NKE Analog Repeater - Close Hauled White

NKE Analog Repeater - Close Hauled White

Code: NKE9060050
Price: $725.73


Product Description

The NKE analog repeaters satisfy all your requirements; they provide excellent night time readability thanks to their emissive hands for backlighting. Efficient, readable and elegant; also available in a black version.

Part Number: 90-60-050

Imperial Metric
Dimensions 4 5/16" x 4 5/16" x 7/8" 1100mm x 110mm x 25mm
Weight 17 oz, cable included 500 g, cable included
Power Supply 10 to 16VDC 10 to 16VDC
Power Consumption 22mA without lighting, 60mA with lighting
Bus Cable Ø 5.0 ± 0.3 Ø 5.0 ± 0.3
Bus Cable Weight 0.4 oz/ft. 34 g/m.
Cable Length 10 1/8" 3 m

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