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NKE TL 25 Triple Multifunction Display White No Remote

NKE TL 25 Triple Multifunction Display White No Remote

Product Details

    Technical Description


    The Multifunction TL25 is a display that satisfies all your requirements; its three screen; with high definition LCD technology, and offers excellent readability and a large viewing angle of the data displayed, by day or night (characters 25 mm high, red backlighting and different levels of intensity available). Its menus are available in 6 languages.

    It is connected to the TOPLINE bus of your installation and displays all the channels available on the bus. A single TL25 with its sensors is sufficient to offer all the regatta functions. Mounted either on the mast foot or on the deckhouse, it comes with a wire to switch the channels on display, calibrate or start the chronometer.

    Quick Specs

    Product Dimensions (mm)
    260H x 156W x 45D
    1.3kg cable included
    Power Supply
    10 to 16VDC
    20mA without lighting and 70mA with lighting
    Cable Length (mm)
    Operating Temperature
    -10°C to +50°C
    Storage Temperature
    -20C to +60C
    Horizontal Viewing Angle
    higher than 120
    Vertical Viewing Angle
    higher than 90
    Characters Height Display (mm)
    25 for the channel / 10 for the identifier
    Waterproof Rating
    IP67 class

    - Display of target speed.
    - Display of close-hauled efficiency.
    - Display of optimum close-hauled angle.
    - Trend indicators: speed, rotation or distance.
    - Setting of the regatta chronometer with 2 pre-programmable values.

    - Display of GPS data: position, heading and distance to course target point, bottom speed and bottom heading.
    - Man Over Board function: display of heading and distance.
    - Display: average speed and storage of maximum speed.
    - Quality backlighting: electroluminescent film with 4 programmable levels.

    Also features a NMEA input for PC connection.

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