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Plastimo Contest 101 Compass Tactical

Plastimo Contest 101 Compass Tactical

Code: PLA25479
Price: $289.74


Specifically designed for racers, this range of compasses has been developed by Plastimo in cooperation with the world 's top racers, with a view to helping you take maximum advantage of wind shifts, and thus save those few precious seconds that make the whole difference in racing tactics. Plastimo is the only compass manufacturer offering a 5-year warranty.

Contest 101 Tactical Compass is designed for sailing boats of 26 to 40 ft. The tactical version of the Contest 101 compass fills two different and complementary functions:

- Main steering compass on the horizontal part of the card. Reading of the course from the lubber lines mounted in the lower part of the bowl.

- Tactical compass on the vertical part of the card. Direct reading. One only needs to memorise one figure for the three legs of an olympic course.


- Double reading : from cockpit and from cabin.
- Double graduation : vertical and horizontal.
- Apparent diameter of tactical card : 4".
- Lighting is built-in the upper part of the bezel for a better light distribution on the card.
- Front access to light and to compensation cell.
- Functional heelmeter.
- Supplied with protective cover.

Manufacturer Code: 25479


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0.90 m
(35 7/16 in)
Part No Model Diameter Height Weight Transparent
1.50 m
(59 in)
4 kg
(9 lbs)

Part Number: 16445

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