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Plastimo Iris 100 Compass Yellow, Light

Plastimo Iris 100 Compass Yellow, Light

Code: PLA25491
Price: $239.15


Hand bearing compasses intended for use on all types of boats : dinghies, racing boats, cruisers, pneumatic boats, power day-boats, fast power crafts and power cruisers.

Iris 100 Compass is a universal compass.


- It can be installed on any inclination or position : vertical, horizontal, laying flat, upside down.
- It is a course compass which can also be used to take bearings.
- It can be taken away and moved around the boat : it is simply clipped on a smooth-edge bracket, designed not to catch sails or hurt fingers.
- A soft rubber casing provides efficient protection against shocks.

These features make the Iris 100 an ideal compass for small boats (dinghy, kayak, canoe, small fishing boat).

Manufacturer Code: 25491

Technical Specfications

- Conical card with double reading (direct and horizontal).
- Gimbaled magnetic set : the card remains perfectly horizontal, whatever the angle of the compass installation.
- 2 mobile lubber lines.
- Legendary Plastimo pivot and hard stone guarantee the accuracy and the durability.
- Iris 100 floats.
- Weight : 10.3oz.

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0.90 m
(35 7/16 in)
Part No Model Diameter Height Weight Transparent
1.50 m
(59 in)
4 kg
(9 lbs)

Part Number: 16448

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