Quik Vang A boats 25 to 33 ft. (no tackle)

Quik Vang A boats 25 to 33 ft. (no tackle)

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QuikVang sets the standard for performance and style in solid vangs. Much faster to use than hydraulics, the QuikVang is also easy to install. Its multi-part cascading purchase provides maximum power, with the last part internal to minimize clutter. The QuikVang's powerful stainless steel internal return spring lifts the boom in light air and supports it with the mainsail furled (no need for a topping lift). The hard-coat anodized aluminum tubing and end fittings retain their good looks and high performance through time and the toughest conditions.

PCL Range: 50"-60"
Stroke: 5in
Maximum Return Force: 400lbs
Weight: 10lbs
Pin Size: 3/8"
Jaw Width: 3/8"
Boat Size LOA Approx: 25-33ft
Boom Length: 10-12ft

Part Number: HSI-QV-A