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Facnor STG 3T Wire Furler 6mm Forestay

Facnor STG 3T Wire Furler 6mm Forestay

Price: $2,090.91


Product Description

Kit includes: Continuous line drum + link plates, halyard swivel and a top swivel. Bottom and top unit are delivered with a toggle. The wire is not included.

Facnor adapted the racing structural furler developed for ocean Open 60' to 24 to 33 ft sailing boats. These furlers are in/out systems for Solent or small Genoa. The STG 3T & 4T give the possibility of hoisting quickly a sail fitted with hanks as on any conventional forestay. This system is especially suitable for racing yachts.

• Saving in weight (up to 5 times lighterthan a conventional furling system).
• Kit made of a continuous line drum and a top swivelboth fitted with a toggle, and a halyard swivel.
• Product conception based on a system tested in oceanraces, waterproof and therefore maintenance free.
• Constant and great furling power thanks to the continuousline drum.
• Halyard swivel that allows use of the existing halyard.
• Makes easy unstepping operations compared to aclassic reefing system.
• Maximum luff thanks to the low profile drum: the Genoa outhaul reaches the deck.
• Simple installation, sail fitted on snap shackles.
• Strong (3 ton loads).

Part Number: 43310004540

Designation Boat Size Forestay Diameter Maximum Working Load
Imperial Metric Imperial Metric
STG 3T Ø 5 24' to 32'
7.5 m to 10 m
3/16" 5 mm 6615 lb 3000 kg 
STG 3T Ø 6 30' to 40'
9 m to 12 m
1/4" 6 mm 6615 lb 3000 kg 
STG 4T Ø 7 36' to 42'
11 m to 13 m
9/32" 7 mm 9920 lb 4500 kg 

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