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Ronstan Series 160 Top Down Spinnaker Furler for boats up to 52' (16m)

Ronstan Series 160 Top Down Spinnaker Furler for boats up to 52' (16m)

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    Product Description

    Gen 2 Furlers feature a continuous line installation and removal system that requires neither tools nor disassembly. It allows easy sail and furler removal, leaving the continuous line and its associated lead blocks and cleats in place on deck. The system also fits systems where the continuous line cannot be removed from the boat, such as when it is routed through underdeck channels or under line covering panels.

    Drums incorporate a sophisticated furling line groove profile and cross hold geometry to grip the furling line securely when furling. This is the same technology developed first by Ronstan for use in their ratchet blocks to grip line gently but securely. When deploying the flying sail, the continuous furling line self-ejects from the grip zone, remaining stationary for smoother, safer operation with minimum rope wear. A floating PTFE perimeter strip ensures the unloaded furling line can't fall from the drum or become snagged.


    Top Down Furler: How it Works

    Ronstan Top-Down Furler


    Technical Overview

    Top Down Spinnaker Furler Selection Guide
    Top Down Furler
    Max LOA
    Furling Line Diameter Max Working Load Breaking Load Weight
    Series 80 10m (33’) 8m (26’) 5/16" (8mm) 2090 lb (950 kg) 4190 lb (1900 kg) 12.4 oz (352 g)
    Series 120 14m (46’) 12m (39’) 5/16" (8mm) 3970 lb (1800 kg) 7940 lb (3600 kg) 23.3 oz (660 g)
    Series 160 16m (52’) 14m (46’) 3/8" (10mm) 6610 lb (3000 kg) 13230 lb (6000 kg) 44.6 oz (1264 g)

    Each Furler includes Drum, Top Swivel, and Shackles.

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