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Ronstan Series 75 Ratchet, Single, Becket, Cleat

Ronstan Series 75 Ratchet, Single, Becket, Cleat

Product Details

    Technical Description

    Imperial Metric
    Sheave Dia. 3" 75 mm
    Max. Rope Dia. 1/2" 12 mm
    Pin Dia. 9/32" 7 mm
    Maximum Working Load 930 lb 420 kg
    Breaking Load 4410 lb 2000 kg
    Weight 16 oz 455 g

    Product Description

    The patented extruded hole design, in conjunction with the groove profile of the sheave, provides a more powerful grip than conventional designs - up to 18:1 holding power. Unrivalled low weight is achieved by the use of a Torlon® ratchet pawl, high grade machined alloy sheave and black Acetal hubs and bearings. On-Off switching knob is fitted to both sides of the swivel blocks (one can be removed if desired), and for foot blocks simply turn the sheave upside down before installation to change the sense of rotation. Unique On-Off switch mechanism can be operated under load. Ratchet blocks can be disassembled for servicing or customisation.Removable becket pins allow lines to be pliced prior to fitting. Saddle on under side of cleat can be used as a becket take off point for the creation of a powerful 6:1 purchase system. A single block can be attached to the saddle to increase this to 7:1.

    • Unrivalled 18:1 holding power.
    • Dual sided On-Off switch.
    • Low friction ball bearing system.
    • Lightweight.
    • Cheek cut-outs for easy bearing maintenance.
    • Lockable swivelling head post.
    • High strength forged shackle.
    • Multi-position cleat arm.
    • Carbon black Acetal ball bearings.
    • Alloy sheave and cheek plates.
    • Grade 316 stainless steel forged shackle.

    Mainsheet on powerful dinghies and skiffs Mainsheet systems on sportsboats using RF7 or RF8 mainsheet swivel units, triple ratchet blocks are ideal for off-the-beach and formula catamarans, fiddle versions are used on sportsboat mainsheet systems, vang, furler and other control line applications on larger boats.

    Part Number: RF72130

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