Schaefer Lazy Jack Kit / 37ft-48ft (11.3m-14.6m) Boats

Schaefer Lazy Jack Kit / 37ft-48ft (11.3m-14.6m) Boats

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    Kit Includes: 16' (4.9 m) Vinyl Coated Wire and 92' x 5/16" (28 m x 8 mm) Yatch Braid Line, fasteners, eye straps, open base cleats, lashing eye blocks with elkhide, chafe guards, vinyl coated wire and dracon yacht braid with eye splices..

    Lazy Jacks are designed to control the mainsail when reefing or dousing. They easily tame today's Full Batten Mainsails and work well with more conventional sails. Schaefer's Lazy Jacks "funnel" the sail down to the boom and retain it, keeping you safe in the cockpit to properly secure the sail when you are moored.

    Schaefer's design allows for the use of an existing sailcover without the need for extensive modifications. The use of thimbled eye straps attached to the bottom of your boom keep the hardware away from the cover and enable you to tuck your sailcover under the lazy jack control lines.

    Fits boats:
    Boat Size 37' to 48' (11.3 m to 14.6 m).

    Part Number: 99-64

    Imperial Metric
    Mainsail Luff 39' to 50' 11.8 m to 15 m
    Boom Foot 12' to 16' 3.7 m to 4.9 m
    Weight 9 lb 4.08 kg