Selden Aluminum Bowsprit Kit - 99 mm Dia. Max. Length 3160 mm

Selden Aluminum Bowsprit Kit - 99 mm Dia. Max. Length 3160 mm

Product Details

**IMPORTANT** - Tack line, Shackle & Bowsprit ring not included - Selden Gennaker Bow Brackets

A Selden removable/retractable gennaker bowsprit, sold as a kit for adaption to your yacht. Basically, you fit two pad eyes on deck in line with the bow bracket. The bow bracket is a stainless ring with a polyamide (PA) inner lining through which you slide the bowsprit to active position. When you're done with the gennaker, slide the bowsprit back and secure it to the aft pad eye. The inboard end features a spring-loaded plunger for easy attachment to the pad eye.

The gennaker tackline is preferably pulled through the bowsprit. The line enters a well rounded hole in the outboard end and comes out through the inboard end. Alternatively, a tack block can be fitted to the outboard end.

  Product No. Boat LOA Diameter Max Length
Aluminum SEL07207270 9.1m 72mm 2.08m
SEL07507570 10.7m 75mm 2.21m
SEL08708770 12.2m 87mm 2.26m
SEL09909970 13.7m 99mm 3.15m
SEL12012070 16.8m 120mm 3.56m
Carbon SEL07607670 9.15m 76mm 3.00m
SEL08808870 12.2m 88mm 3.00m
SEL08908970 13.7m 89mm 3.00m
SEL10110170 15.2m 101mm 3.00m
SEL12012090 16.8m 120mm 3.00m