Spinlock Deckvest - Safety Line Cutter

Spinlock Deckvest - Safety Line Cutter

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Emergency Escape Accessory.

Spinlock's "Ten Point" philosophy for preventing man overboard stresses the importance of wearing a harness lifejacket combination-and using a safety line. S-Cutter solves the problem of safety line clips becoming unreleasable, under load, in an emergency.

With a guarded razor edge and stowed either in the special pocket on the Deckvest or in a simple pouch worn on the life jacket harness, the Spinlock "S-Cutter" is made for severing safety lines under load. By providing a reliable "means of disconnection", anyone wearing the Cutter satisfies ISAF and ORC recommendations, whatever type of safety line and whatever the type of clip used.

Approvals: Weight includes pouch.

Part Number: DW-CTR