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Spinlock Mainsail Feeder

Spinlock Mainsail Feeder

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    Product Description

    The Spinlock T25 2 Sheave Asymmetric Organizer for small boats is made of stainless steel 'wear' strip which prevents local rope damage. This features fibre-reinforced construction and curves to follow the shape of the deck. It can also be double stacked with BE10/2 for lowest cost stacked line solution.

    Product Dimensions:

    • Sheave diameter/type: 25mm (1in) composite
    • SWL per sheave: 400kg (880lbs)
    • Total SWL per unit: no. of sheaves x 200kg (440lbs)
    • Line diameter: up to 10mm (3/8in)
    • Weight: 64g (2.2oz)
    • Fasteners: 2x M5 (3/16in) CSK Head (not supplied)

    Technical Information

    Product Description

    Sail feeders for fast, precision, smooth sail hoists.

    • Reduced weight for same strength.
    • Electro Polished 17-4 PH high grade stainless steel.
    • One piece precision investment casting for ultimate strength.
    • Mainsail feeder RF/MA locates in the mast track.
    • Headsail feeders are supplied with a length of line for attachment in their correct free pivoting position between luff entry and deck.
    • Graphite loaded, anodized alloy rollers.

    Part Number: RF/MA

    Imperial Metric
    Rope Range 11" - 11/16" 4 mm - 3/16 mm
    Weight 4.8 oz 136 g 

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