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Tacktick Large Deck Bracket (Master Series)

Tacktick Large Deck Bracket (Master Series)

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    Technical Information

    Product Description

    Use 4 non-magnetic screws of a size to fit boat. Screw through bracket base and into boat. Use sealant to seal bracket to boat.

    If bracket is in a position likely to be snagged by ropes: Use the two eyelets at top of bracket to fasten elastic around mast. Bracket is then a permanent fixture. Simply attach Tacktick instrument to the bracket by means of the 4 thumb nuts each time you sail.

    Compass is accurate only when mounted within 20º of the vertical. Do not lean compass to port or starboard. Do not use within 2' or 0.6 m of magnetic objects unless your instrument can be calibrated. Note that a conventional compass is a magnetic object. Ensure mounting bracket is secure and check that security bolts are tight before each race.

    Part Number: T050

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