Tacktick Dual Digital Display


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Tacktick Dual Digital Display

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Product Description

Key Features
• No wiring - receives data via wireless.
• Solar powered with 300 hours autonomy.
• Displays 2 lines of data simultaneously.
• Large 20 mm (0.8") digital readout.
• Simple to configure.
• Backlighting to 3 levels.
• Totally waterproof (submersible to 10m).
• Lightweight, only 230g (0.51lbs).
• Compatible with other manufacturers via NMEA.

The Dual Digital Display shows two lines of data simultaneously. It can be configured at any time to display any information provided by your transmitters. It's dimensions are 110mm x 114mm x 21mm. It is supplied with 2 x Mounting Cradles and a TA106 Instrument Cover.

Apparent Wind Speed/Angle
High Wind Alarm
True Wind Speed/Angle
True Wind Direction
VMG to Wind
Header or Lift Indicator
Off-Course Alarm
Tack Course
Trip Log
Average Speed
Max Speed
Speed Over Ground
Course Over Ground
VMG to Waypoint
Distance/Bearing to Waypoint
Cross Track Error
Waypoint and XTE Alarms
Shallow/Deep Depth Alarm
Sea Temperature
Race Timer

Part Number: T111

Imperial Metric
Weight 0.51 lb 230 g
Character Height 0.8" 20 mm
Heading Resolution
Speed Resolution 0.01 knots 0.01 knots
Depth Resolution - 0.1 m
Depth Range 0.5 m to 50 m 0.5 m to 50 m
Backlighting 3 levels with daylight shutoff
Calibration Full system-wide calibration
Timer 1s resolution, 1 to 40 minutes
Countdown Alarms Audible tones indicate time to start