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Tacktick GPS Antenna

Tacktick GPS Antenna

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    Technical Information

    Product Description

    Key Features
    • Small form factor
    • Simple installation

    Active GPS Antenna for use with the mn100 Micronet system.

    Easily adds Position, Course and Speed Over the Ground to your mn100 Micronet system
    Wires directly to the T122 Wirless NMEA Interface
    Can be mounted inside or outside the boat
    16 parallel channels
    Weighs only 108 grams without cable
    Accurate to 3.3m RMS*(DOP<3)
    Mounting: 22mm(D)x 15mm(H)Bolt

    Comes with standard (1"x14) pole mount adapter suitable for use with deck, mast and stantions.

    Part Number: T908

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