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Sailing Dry Backpacks

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    Even more comfortable than a traditional dry bag - Dry Backpacks

    Could it get any better? Among the years the most recognized brand experts on sailing gear have developed Dry bags into an innovative invention mostly known as a sailing “Dry Backpack”. If you feel like you were born to explore along the 7 seas this product will fit perfect for any sailing occasion you may go. At the Mauri Pro Sailing Store you can find different models of dry backpacks, which features almost the same as a dry bag, but are more comfortable because of shoulders strap to use it as a backpack while you carry heavy loads on your back.

    Main Features:

    • Lightweight design (easy to hold/carry).
    • Chest strap to stabilize heavy loads.
    • Welded water tight seams .
    • Water resistant zippers .
    • Fully waterproof compartments .

    Some of the dry backpacks have a removable shoulder strap included so you can use it as a bag or a backpack according to your needs. For any assistance you may need selecting the proper sailing bag, please contact us. Our crew is ready to help you.

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