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CDI Mainsail Reefing System


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    Product Description

    CDI Furler Headsail

    CDI creates parts for those who want the reliability of a solidly built product backed by an unbelievably comprehensive warranty. Large or small, we have the right furler for you.
    Whether large or small, your cruising boat or daysailor should have a CDI furlersystem. Going forward to the bow of any sized boat can be potentially dangerous, especially as the winds come up and you have to change sails.  The CDI Flexible Furler can be used to both reef and furl your sail in any wind condition. We have simplified the design, thereby increasing the system's reliability while lowering the cost. Our product has been tried and tested successfully by many experienced sailors over the pas two decades.  With a great product and exceptional customer service, let CDI be you first choice when it comes to furling.

    • And patented, one-piece, UV stabilized PVC luff extrusion. This luff extrusion is stiff for better reefing and furling but flexible enough for easy handling.
    • A built-in halyard maximizes reliability and will eliminate halyard wrap as seen on external halyard systems.
    • One-piece furling drums made from durable urethane plastic and stainless steel drum which will protect and keep your furling line in place.
    • Bearings more rugged than they have to be. Larger balls are used to limit bearing compression with no hang ups on dirt and impurities.
    • Install over your existing stay.
    • Zero maintenance. 
    • 6-year warranty.

    Please don't hesitate on visiting our website. We are fully commited to provide you the highest quality on CDI Mainsail Reefing System to sail secure and comfortable. You will also be able to have close at hand technical information that you might need to select your CDI sailing hardware and equipment and yacht accessories. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate CDI Flexible Genoa Furlers please contact us. Our crew is ready to help.

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