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Davis Wind Indicators

Davis have a full line of marine and boating tools and accessories. Our products keep you safe, clean and comfortable and work well for outdoor enthusiasts of all types.

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    Davis Instruments Wind Indicators

    At Mauri Pro Sailing store we stock Davis Instruments wind indicators, winch allows you to measure wind speed. You can pick between different wind indicators by color, material, size and more. Those are the following ones.

    • Davis Black Max Wind Indicator
    • Davis Telo- Cat Extra Vane
    • Davis Windex 10 Sport Spare Vane
    • Davis Windex 15 Spare Vane
    • Davis Av- Antenna Mounted
    • Davis Windex 10 Sport
    • Davis Windex 15

    For any questions contact us. We are very happy to help you.

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