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Equiplite Furling Swivels 11


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    Product Description

    Equiplite Furling Swivels

    Equiplite Top Swivels: are the lightest in weight, efficient and lightest in furling Equiplite Furling Systems using DSK 75 ULTRA loops to take the loads directly through the centre of the bearing. The advantage is less friction, combined with the sealed steel bearings..

    With the two specially designed pins it`s possible to suit every desirable situation. 

    • The advantage of the Goovy-Pin is that it controls the fibers so it will keep the same tension at all the fibers in every situation. The Goovy-Pin can be used for multiple strand ropes like 360-loops and soft loops.

    • Using the special designed Compression-Pin the loads will be equally divided over the entire line. By using the Compression-Pin a large contact area screamed, increasing friction some splice will be under less load. The Compression-Pin can be used for single and dual braid lines like halyards

    The Key

    Providing the key between Equiplite furling units and fittings of furling luffropes. For replacement hardware on current furling cables with pin fitting, use a “pin to lashing converter” without moving parts and design to maximize fibre area and optimize MWL^s. This PTL converter now provides the key between Equiplite furling units and the fittings of furling luffropes with a secondary lash hole for tack or head lashing.


    Components to complete any existing furling system for Furling anti Torsion Luff cables. Hydraulic and electrical furling systems are gaining territory in the world. Furling systems combined with an Equiplite Top furling swivel improves MAX performance. Savingweight up to 80% maximizing luff length and guarantees safety.

    Please don't hesitate on visiting our website. We are fully commited to provide you the highest quality on Equiplite Furling Swivels to sail secure and comfortable. You will also be able to have close at hand technical information that you might need to select your Equiplite sailing hardware and equipment and yacht accessories. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Furling Swivels please contact us. Our crew is ready to help.

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