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Equiplite Hi Load Snatch Blocks


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    Product Description

    Equiplite Blocks Snatch

    Equiplite Blocks Snatch use DSK 75 ULTRA loops to take the loads directly through the centre of the sheave. This allows the blocks to be extremely light (75% less than competitive assemblies of the same load). This self-aligning pad eye, developed by Rondal in cooperation with Equiplite Europe, is able to rotate 270 degrees without any visible buttons, locking pins or the requirement of extra tools. The pad eye is interchangeable with different base plates installed in the deck. More and more we see blocks connected with additional loops, dog-bone constructions, lashings and again stainless steel shackles lowering the effectiveness of soft loop attachments. Now customers are discovering the possibilities of custom loop snatch blocks. With no additional connections needed, custom loops will result in improved safety and a more stable system.

    Please don't hesitate on visiting our website. We are fully commited to provide you the highest quality on Equiplite Blocks Snatch to sail secure and comfortable. You will also be able to have close at hand technical information that you might need to select your Equiplite sailing hardware and equipment and yacht accessories. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Snatch Block please contact us. Our crew is ready to help.

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