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Facnor CF Mainsail Furlers


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    Product Description

    Facnor CF Mainsail Furlers

    Sailing differently but safely: the Facnor mainsail furling system makes your sailing safe and comfortable. No more effort to reef the sail in choppy seas: by a simple handling, you will always have the right surface of sail adapted to the wind conditions. No harder job of folding or flaking the sail: by a simple handling, your mainsail is quickly furled or unfurled. Thanks to the mainsail furling system by Facnor, your boat will always be ready to leave with sails already set up.

    We stock the following items at this category:
    • Facnor CF 105 Mainsail Furler for sailboats from 39 to 60 ft. Luff Length 45 ft.
    • Facnor CF 80 Mainsail Furler for sailboats from 28 to 32 ft. Luff Length 39 ft.

    At Mauri Pro Sailing you can find the specific furler you are looking for. Please contact us for any question you need to be solved.

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