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Gill After Care


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    Product Description

    Mauri Pro Sailing Cares for you! - Gill Aftercare

    At the Mauri Pro Sailing we stock Gill Aftercare products designed to the sailors use and their products. You can find the following products.

    Gill Intensive Product Sport, which penetrates deep into the fabric to remove stubborn dirt such as oil and grease.

    Gill Wash-in Cleaner developed for use on all Gill Waterproof, windproof and wicking fabrics. It also contains liquid silver, which is proven to kill bacteria and therefore prevent unpleasant odors.

    Gill Reproofing Spray designed to easy apply, quick drying and very effective in marine conditions. It also can be applied to any fabric to quickly produce water, oil, salt and stain repellent finish.

    If you need any assistance selecting Gill Aftercare, please let us know. Our specialists are very happy to help you.

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