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Gill Buoyancy Ais CE ISO Approved

    Product Description

    We love the sea, but we also want to be safe - Gill Buoyancy Aids

    Sailors, you should not have to sacrifice comfort or functionality for a bulky life jacket. At the Mauri Pro Sailing Store you can pick between different kinds of Gill Buoyancy Aids that will provide you the maximum security while you are cruising or racing. Whether you are a dinghy or keelboat sailor, there is a Gill life vest that will suit your sailing style and safety requirements. You can be sure you are getting a PFD that is safe, comfortable, and nonrestrictive. We stock the following ones.

    • Gill Compressor Vests
    • Gill Skiff Racer Buoyancy Aids
    • Gill Pro Racer Buoyancy Aids
    • Gill USCG Approved PFDS

    If you need any assistance selecting Gill Buoyancy Aids CE ISO Approved please let us know. Our specialists are very happy to help you.

    Technical Information


    Compressor Vest

    Streamlined and low bulk, the Compressor Vest from Gill has been specifically designed to offer the competitive sailor a non-restrictive, streamlined and low bulk CE approved buoyancy aid. The pull-over design of this Gill life vest offers the wearer a complete range of motion and optimal comfort. The stretchy neoprene molds to the body for a snug fit, regardless of body size. The neoprene and foam construction of this life jacket helps give the sailor extra protection against wind chill and water impact, and the unique shape of the front section allows for use with a harness. The compressor vest is a great example of practical innovation for any high performance sailor. This life jacket is CE/ISO Approved.

    Gill Skiff Racer Buoyancy Aid

    The new Skiff Racer PFD from Gill has been engineered for low bulk and high-fit and is perfect for dinghy and keelboat racing. Gill has eliminated the side foam panels and zippers for unrestricted arm movement and kept the lower abdominal area free so harnesses can be worn with comfort. Features on this life jacket include close, high fit with low volume and bulk, ladder lock side adjustment for a secure fit, adjustable shoulder length with neoprene padding, front zippered pocket with mesh drainage, and reflective piping across back for low light visibility. This life jacket is CE/ISO Approved.

    Gill Pro Racer Buoyancy Aid

    Gill's Pro Racer Buoyancy Aid has been developed with minimum bulk and maximum comfort of the sailor in mind. The extreme cut of this life jacket allows for full movement and the extra adjustment on the sides and shoulders allow this Gill life vest to be totally clamped onto the body for reduced windage. Features include side zip opening for ease of use, ladder lock side adjustment for tight fitting, adjustable shoulder length with neoprene padding, and reflective accents for improved low light visibility. This life jacket is CE/ISO Approved.

    Gill USCG Approved PFDs

    The USCG approved Gill life vests have been designed for unrestricted freedom of movement while maintaining maximum comfort for sailing. With a choice of front or side zip entries these life jacket styles from Gill are an excellent choice for large and small boat racers as well as general boating and fishing. The wide range of sizes and convenient adjustment points mean anybody can get a superb fir out of this life jacket. The front zip is also available as a junior life vest, with all of the functionality of the regular life jacket.

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