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Gill Gloves


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    Technical Description

    Gill Sailing Gloves

    Protect your hands while you are sailing if you want to succeed at your performance.Gill is a world leading sailing glove brand. That reputation Gill had earned through the years because they are constantly researching, designing and bringing to market gloves that embrace innovation and clever design. Through the utilization of cutting edge materials that provide grip, dexterity and durability the current comprehensive range once again raises the bar. At Mauri Pro Sailing website you can pick between a ton of gloves depending on your sailing style preferences. We stock the following ones:

    • Regatta Deckhand Gloves
    • Championship Gloves
    • Pro Gloves
    • Grip Gloves
    • Neoprene Winter Gloves
    • Extreme Gloves
    • Three Season Gloves
    • Helmsman Gloves

    Most of them are in two presentations: short and long gloves. This year we have added the new Gill Gloves, which are manufactured with the latest technology of gloves industry. If you need any assistance selecting Gill Gloves please let us know. Our specialists are very happy to help you.

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