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Gill Watches

Performance counts. Right down to the last second. Gill watches are engineered specifically for the sailing environment. Carbon reinforced construction or machined from marine-grade steel. All the features and components needed to perform in race conditions.

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    Improve your performance at less time as possible - Gill Watches The new range of Gill watches feature sailing specific movements developed for Gill.
    • Improved volume levels with a clear
    • Audible alarm, countdown and start alerts
    • Improved back light with an increased luminosity and a hi-vis start button
    The Gill Regatta Master has the added feature of an even larger countdown display with single digits below 10 seconds. At the Mauri Pro Sailing Store you can find Gill watches, which are the following ones.
    • Gill Race Watch
    • Gill Regatta Master Watch III
    • Gill Regatta Race timer
    If you need any assistance selecting Gill Watches please let us know. Our specialists are very happy to help you.

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