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Harken 16 mm Blocks

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    Product Description

    Harken 16mm Block

    The Harken 16 mm Block is the smallest block available from Harken. It is perfect for small synthetic control lines found on high-tech dinghies.

    The Harken 16 mm Blocks patented bearing system uses stainless steel balls in a captive grooved race and has a 250 lb (113 kg) safe working load - the highest on the market compared to similarly sized blocks.

    The HAR442 uses a spacer and the HAR404 uses an O-Ring to keep the line in the sheave duringintermittent loading.

    The HAR467 uses a narrow sheave for extremely small control lines and has a ferrule head for soft attachments.

    Use For:
    Dinghy control lines
    Big Boat leech lines
    Traveler controls
    Spinnaker pole trip lines
    Halyard on prams

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