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Harken Battcar System - 18 mm Switch T Track Batten Cars

Battcar switch systems cut sail stack height in half by automatically splitting cars onto two tracks. The 18 mm car bodies are built of fiber-reinforced, lubricated plastic that is UV stabilized with black additive for maximum protection. If you need any assistance please contact us, our MAURI PRO team is ready to help!

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    Harken Switch T-Track Battcar System

    The 18 mm Switch T-Track Batten Car bodies are built of fiberreinforced, lubricated plastic that is UVstabilized with black additive for maximum protection. 18 mm high-load car bodies are machined aluminum with low-friction Delrin® sliders. Aluminum cars and T-Track are hardcoat-anodized for durability.

    Fits Boats:
    18 mm: Monohulls: 37-45 ft (11 m - 13.5 m)
    Multihulls: 30-35 ft (9 - 10.5 m)

    18 mm High-Load:
    Monohulls 45 - 50 ft (13.5 m - 15 m)
    Multihulls 35 - 40 ft (10.5 - 12 m)

    Q&A: Why do I want a switch Battcar system?
    A Switch Battcar system cuts stack height in half, so putting on a sail cover or connecting/disconnecting your halyard is a much easier task. The system works by alternately dropping mainsail cars onto port and starboard storage racks. Headboard cars articulate and pass through the switch, reducing stack height even more.

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