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Harken Track End Control Accessories - 32 mm Big Boat CB

When end controls are not used, add endstops to absorb shock loads. When end control assemblies are used, trim caps finish track ends. And then you have Splice links, they join track and keep it aligned during installation. If you need any assistance please contact us, our MAURI PRO team is ready to help!

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    Harken Track Accessories 32 mm

    Variable Hole Spacing Track
    CB (Captive Ball) high-beam variable hole spacing track is used to span cockpits or other unsupported areas. Track features internal slide bolts, allowing new track to be installed without drilling additional holes.

    Low-Beam Track
    All Midrange tracks are predrilled with holes for mounting fasteners and one pinstop hole between each fastener.

    Endstop/Trim Caps
    When end controls are not used, add enstops to absorb shock load. When end control assemblies are used, trim caps fish track ends. Sold in pairs. Fasteners not included.

    Splice Links
    Splice links join track amd keep it alligned during instalation.

    Track Riser
    Use 1849 risers for mid-boom travelers that must clear companion way hatches. Risers fit most cabintops and articulate for use with either straight or curved track. Sold in pairs.

    Curved Track
    Harken will bend track to your specification.

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